We hope you are happy with everything you purchase from Tre Mari Bakery, however we understand things change. Due to the variety of our products, there are some restrictions regarding refunds and cancellations. All cancellations are subject to the owner’s discretion.

Our products are made passionately by our team. We use fresh, quality ingredients to ensure that all of our products are delicious. All products may use or have come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soybean derivatives, eggs, wheat gluten, milk, and other allergens. We will try our best to meet your dietary requirements, so please be clear about allergy concerns and requirements when placing your order.


Once the order is picked up, customers accept all responsibility for the transport of any product to their desired location. We will not give refunds if there is a mishap during transit. We are happy to advise all our customers as to the best way to transport their cakes should they ask for it, but it is the customer’s responsibility to exercise extreme care when moving and transporting their items.

All orders that have not been picked up within 24 hours or were not present for delivery will not receive a refund or store credit. We will try our absolute best to contact you with the information provided for pick up or delivery. Please be sure to be present during your allotted delivery time slot and the best phone number for contact.


There will be no refunds for orders canceled within 48 hours of their order date. Customers will only receive store credit.

All cancellations with any amount of notice are subject to a 5% cancellation fee (processing and handling fees) on the order total. This applies to full refunds. Store Credits are available as well, and will not include a cancellation fee.


Our organized team works hard to prepare for your order. Some ingredients are ordered or created in advance. Due to the large amount of daily orders, the orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if you cancel, your order has taken up time that could have otherwise been given to another customer.

Within 48 Hours - If your order is customized (cakes, pastry, catering, etc.), often there are also special designs, decorative elements or ingredients that would mean we could not place your order in our store display case for resale. Due to these elements, you would not receive a refund or store credit.

Refunds requested due to decorating style, colour shade or general decoration design afterwards, will not be accepted. If you are unhappy with any of the design factors upon pickup, we may be able to make adjustments subject to our discretion and the design of the original product. Please let a staff member know right away. If your order is delivered, please contact the store right away.

If you did not receive the product you ordered (flavour, size, quantity etc.) a refund will be issued in full if we are unable to replace your order in a timely manner. Refunds requested due to quality or flavour will only be determined at the discretion of our staff, and based upon the returned cake. We are unable to provide a refund on a cake that has been consumed.

We only give refunds and store credit in accordance with policies stated above and within 72 hours of your order date.

Refunds issued:

  • Credit Card - Will be issued to the credit card used to purchase the product.
  • Debit Card - Will be given cash refund.
  • Cash - Will be given cash refund.

Store credit issued:

  • In-Store Gift Card - Will be given to customers who placed their orders over the phone or in person.
  • Online Gift Card ( - Will be given to customers who placed their orders through the online shop.


If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, please call 416-654-8960 or email us at