Our story, bakery founders

Since 1960, Tre Mari Bakery has been an institution in its neighborhood of St. Clair West, playing an important role in Toronto's Italian immigrant story. Our family business is now in its third generation. Customers draw stronger connections to brands and businesses with a story, and our bakery has a long-established history.

Over the decades, Tre Mari Bakery has grown a large and loyal customer base. From the families of Italian immigrants who arrived in Toronto when the bakery opened in 1960, to the working-class families who have lived in St. Clair West over the years, to the new influx of young professionals with families in the surrounding neighborhoods, we serve an extremely diverse customer base — and all feel welcome!

The experience of shopping at a family-run business with a strong history, as well as the quality selection of homemade foods and interactions with our friendly staff, have earned Tre Mari Bakery many loyal customers over the years.

Annamarie from Tre Mari Bakery


AnnaMarie Deleo is the heart and soul of our bakery. She has been a guiding force since the 80s, weathering every storm and celebrating our triumphs. She's a rock, supporting her four boys and nurturing the bakery's legacy while carrying on her late husband Joseph's dream with unwavering determination. AnnaMarie jokes about doing all our jobs in the past, but now she focuses on being a celebrity and embracing a more visible role, while finding time to travel and relax. While overseeing accounting and keeping us in budget, she's our connection to the past, reminding us of our roots as we forge ahead with wisdom and purpose. Her love and dedication are the secret ingredients that make our bakery truly special.

John Paul from Tre Mari Bakery


John Paul Deleo is the passionate baker, and the creative genius behind our bread, pastries and gelato. As the middle child, John Paul is the sole master of our bread department and oversees production with creativity and curiosity. Additionally, he handles the buying for the bakery and collaborates closely with new vendors, ensuring our products reach wider audiences. With a constant sense of urgency, he's always running around, fueled by new ideas and dreams for the future. He is eager to connect with other masterminds and expand his knowledge of his craft. From new treats to exploring innovative flavours, John Paul's vision takes our bakery to the next level.

Alessandro  from Tre Mari Bakery


Alessandro Deleo is Director of Operations, and youngest brother of our bakery family. With a love for sports and a detail-oriented personality, he keeps our bakery running smoothly. From managing staff to overseeing complex projects, Alessandro's serious-yet-forgiving nature ensures a fair and enjoyable workplace. Growing up in the bakery, he brings efficiency and organization to every task, making him the go-to guy for all things operational. With his dedication, the bakery's gears are always in motion, delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers.

Franco from Tre Mari Bakery


Franco Deleo is the seasoned marketing manager of our bakery family. As the oldest brother, Franco brings his passion for photography and portraiture to the forefront, overseeing the marketing department with a creative flair. With a keen eye for aesthetics, he shapes the bakery's look and feel, from packaging to branding. Franco's expertise extends beyond visuals. As the hiring manager, he's always ready to chat and meet new people, seeking talented individuals for our team. Whether perfecting our store or capturing moments, Franco's artistic touch shines through.



Monday to Saturday: 7am—7pm
Sunday: 7am—6pm

1311 St. Clair Ave W,
Toronto, ON M6E 1C2

Tre Mari Bakery from the outside