Willy Wonka Golden Tickets at Tre Mari Bakery

BREAKING NEWS: Willy Wonka was recently spotted at Tre Mari Bakery, dropping 5 GOLDEN TICKETS into specially selected boxes of Tre Mari Panettone. As you indulge in our irresistible, artisan-made panettone this holiday season, keep an eye out for these exclusive golden tickets. Each golden ticket is a $50 GIFT CARD for our online shop. Will you find a golden ticket? There's only one way to find out—and that's picking up a box of Tre Mari Panettone for you and your loved ones this Christmas!

All you need to do to win the TRE MARI GOLDEN TICKET CONTEST* is find a golden ticket. On the back of your golden ticket, you will find a 16-character code that can be inputted during the checkout process of your online shop order. EACH GIFT CARD HAS A VALUE OF $50. Full contest details can be found below.

Panettone with 5 Golden Tickets

*TRE MARI GOLDEN TICKET CONTEST—OFFICIAL RULES: To enter, purchase a Tre Mari branded panettone. Prizes include $50 gift cards (5 per 400 panettone boxes). Winners must find a Tre Mari Golden Ticket and use the gift card code—written on the back—to make a purchase from our online shop. No panettone purchase is necessary. Tre Mari Bakery may cancel or modify the contest due to fraud or technical issues. Tre Mari Bakery is not responsible for lost tickets/gift card codes. By participating, you agree to these rules.

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